Tech tip: Getting round problems with file upload

Java WarningIf you are trying to upload files to the content collection then the default approach is to use the “multiple file” upload interface. While this can make it very quick to upload many files at once, including whole folders of content, it does relay on Java being properly installed, with the correct permission on the users machine.

Normally making multiple file upload work is as simple as clicking “GO” on any dialogue boxes that appear when your browser is trying to launch browser, though sometimes settings made elsewhere can prevent even this working.

A quick workaround that will allow you to still upload your files and get on with your life is to abandon the multiple file upload and upload your files one at a time. Click Single File in the top right of the screen to use the simpler utility that avoids any potential conflict with Java.

single file upload

Although this might help you in the short term we strongly recommend that you find a solution to any Java related issues you might be having so you can take full advantage of the benefits of multiple file upload and other features in the VLE. Start by ensuring you have the most recent version of Java installed and then contact your local DCO if the problems persist.

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