NESTA report: The proof, promise and potential of Digital Education

NESTA (National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts) commissioned the Decoding Learning report into how technology is being used in education and the impact of the massive investment in technology in UK schools (£1billion over 5 years).  The findings confirm what many of us might have guessed, that technology can support learning if deployed effectively but there is still some way to go, particularly to influence the underpinning pedagogies which need to shift if the promise of digital education is to be realised.

“No technology has an impact on learning on its own; it all depends on how it is being used”

featurelarge_Decoding_Learning_coverThe report highlights innovations across eight identified themes;

  • Learning from experts
  • Learning with others
  • Learning through Making
  • Learning through exploring
  • Learning through enquiry
  • Learning through Practising
  • Learning from Assessment
  • Learning in and across settings.

Although mainly reporting on the schools sector the Summary report is well worth a quick read, if only to emphasise that technology, like any intervention, is not a “silver bullet” that will bring miraculous results. Unless you carefully consider where technology can bring benefit, how it will be deployed and and perhaps be prepared to redesign your teaching to realise this we may still be reporting in ten years time on the potential rather than actual benefits realised.

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