Adding a banner to your module

an example of a banner with text 'ELDT Getting Started'

Including a banner or banners to your module can not only make the online space visually more appealing to your viewers but also help with the structuring of the material you are presenting.

Banners can be broadly included in two ways in Yorkshare. The first is to upload a banner via Customisation > Style > Select Banner which will place the banner at the top of your modules home page for most modules this is usually the ‘Announcements’, the second is to include a banner in an ‘Item’ which can be placed anywhere is a module.

In the ELDT we have developed a guide which not only shows you how to do this but also how to create your own using one of the many basic banner templates add text to it. You can find the ‘Adding a Banner’ guide from the link bellow.

Add a banner to your module

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