Embedding Twitter Feeds

Throughout the university embedding of twitter feeds has become commonplace as a means of communication. This functionality isn’t new and many have been doing this for some time. What has changed though is the way in which Twitter goes about handling this.

Already using a Twitter feed.

Many older embedded Twitter feeds and done via an RSS feed unfortunately for a few years now Twitter has been moving away from this method of embedding feeds removing all reference to RSS feeds from its web interface.

While some existing feeds might still work no new ones can be created. Twitter have also capped the amount of feed requests it will accept a day from a single IP address to a 150 requests, this means for an institution the size of the University of York with probably dozens of Twitter accounts still using RSS feeds that limit can quickly be reached meaning the feeds will no longer update.

Creating a New Twitter Widget

To create a new widget to embed into your module, website or web page follow these steps.

  1. Log into your Twitter account.
  2. Look for the ‘Cog’ icon in the upper right of the Twitter screen, click it and select the Settings.
    .Screen shot of the twitter profile settings button
  3. In the left hand menu panel click on the Widgets option.
    .Screen shot of the twitter profile options, indicating the widget button.
  4. Choose to ether Create Widget or Edit an existing widget.
  5. Choose which type of widget you want (User Timeline is the common option).
    .Screen shot of the twitter Widget types.
  6. Customise you widget (Theme, link colour).
  7. You will need to enter each web address (comma separated) that you want to embed your widget into in the Domains text field.
  8. When finished click Create widget to generate your embed code.
  9. Copy your embed code
  10. Paste this embed code directly into the HTML of the site/module/page.

Screen shot of the twitter Widget options.

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