Using technology to provide student feedback – event

York St John will be hosting the multi-award winning pioneer of screencast feedback, Russell Stannard at a staff development workshop on Friday 7th December 9-4pm. As members of the Higher York E-Learning Network, attendance is open to University of York colleagues.

Using technology to provide student feedback – click to book a place

Russell has been recognised throughout the sector, advocating the use of simple screencast technology to bring explanations to life, whether providing feedback to students or providing guidance on using software. His teacher training videos site is a great place to start for all things screencast. Added to this the facts that he’s a really nice bloke, an excellent speaker and screencast feedback is already being used at York with great success and it should be a very worthwhile day

The blurb:

“This workshop and presentation will present Russell’s work as well as provide real hands on experience and practice in working with the idea of providing feedback for students using screencasting technology. This is a very simple technology that opens a huge number of possibilities and you will leave the session with lots of ideas around providing feedback to students as well as other ideas of making use of screen capture software in your teaching and learning.”

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