Options for collecting student feeedback


Image courtesy of Craig Parylo http://www.sxc.hu/photo/1395768

In an earlier post I talked about some of the support and mechanisms for collecting student feedback on Preparing to study sites. Exactly how a department chooses to do this is up to them and we will try to support whatever method suits best, after discussions with a couple of departments it seems that there are three basic ways that you could go. Whichever you choose doesn’t really matter as long as we don’t miss this opportunity to speak to students and get vital feedback on the support with academic preparation that they received pre-arrival.

  • Option 1: Use the generic online survey, results can be filtered by department and provided back to you when responses are in
  • Option 2: Create a custom version of the online survey, allowing you to edit questions and manage your own data collection and analysis
  • Option 3: Use a paper version of the online survey, this can be distributed, completed and returned in five minutes of a face to face session, greatly increasing response rates. Let us know if you are going down this route as we may be able to help with data analysis. Preparing to Study paper survey 2012


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