“Whats new with BlackBoard” presentation

Image courtesy of Miguel Saavedra, http://www.rgbstock.com/populargallery/saavem

You can join the BlackBoard product development team for an online presentation on how they are developing the product to support active, social learning. They’re running at a few different times and dates and might be worth a look at what’s coming straight from the horses mouth. If you can suspend your cynicism about promises of the brave new world to come, I’ve found a couple of the road map presentations I’ve been to this year pretty informative and well worth an hour of my time to know what’s coming, and where the focus of development is lying.

First look at what’s new

The blurb goes;

“Active learners are becoming the majority in classrooms. They’ve grown up with social media, instant messaging, and more and more individualised digital experiences. They’re used to a world that’s connected, personalised and immediate.

The enhanced Blackboard Learn has been designed to help you. It delivers a simpler, more functional LMS. Redesigned with familiar functionality borrowed from popular social tools, it engages students and eases the burden on educators. Its innovative interface takes everyday tasks like grading and publishing content beyond the basics. And new upgrade options make it more responsive and reliable than ever.

Join the Blackboard Learn Product Team for a demo of what’s new and understand how we’re working to meet the needs of the active learner today.”

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