Collecting student feedback on Preparing to Study sites

FAO: Department staff / student liaison committes

Agenda item: Evaluation of departmental support for incoming students

Methods of evaluation: Student surveys / Small focus group.

Background: UTC (University Teaching Committee) has endorsed the development of dedicated support for incoming students to Higher Education and / or Postgraduate Study. In 2012 the vast majority of departments delivered this support through bespoke VLE sites. It is important to collect student impressions of the impact and effectiveness of sites to continue development and address issues.


  1. First year student reps are requested to promote the online survey to all first year students. Link to survey:
  2. For discussion at committee, does the department want to conduct focus groups to find out more about the experiences of their incoming students (in light of survey responses)?

Please contact Simon Davis from the E-learning Development Team ( for further guidance and equipment for conducting focus groups, to retrieve data for your department once survey responses have been collected or to discuss customising survey questions for your department.

Outcomes: It is hoped that evaluation outcomes will be reported internally to staff-student liaison committees, answering the above agenda item and also can be shared with Simon Davis ( who is liaising with Academic Registrar, Kate Dodd over the institutional response to this important strategic issue.

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