Custom settings for video conversion

Screenshot of video in the VLE

Video is provided in multiple formats by MATEYL for streaming and download to cater for users on different connections and platforms

We have been using WinFF for a while to convert video from one format to another, particularly to help people prepare content for Streaming through the VLE (streaming video has to be prepared with H264 video and AAC audio). We like WinFF a lot, not only because its very easy to use and does the job but because you can create your own conversion presets for specific usage.

Video demo of using WinFF

The Masters in Teaching English to Young Learners (MATEYL) has learners from across the world on a range of different connection speeds and platforms and so provides video in lots of different formats to cater for the different requirements. WinFF has allowed us to create a set of specific presets for their requirements which they can import into WinFF using File – Import Preset and then access the new presets, labelled as YorkCustom from within the Convert To: drop down of the standard winFF interface;

  • Wmv for download, lowres and standard quality
  • mp4 for streaming,  lowres and standard quality
  • mp3 audio

Click to download Custom winFF presets – Please note these presets will only work with the most recent versions of WinFF.

While WinFF works great for windows 7 and below and linux, there isn’t a mac version. See this post for alternatives for mac and PC.

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