New from the digital library team – the History of Art Research Portal

History of Art research portal screenshotI am happy to report one of the fabled “water cooler moments” which seem to be happening more and more over in ELDT-towers as we rub shoulders with colleagues from other teams, in this instance Julie Allinson from the Digital Library. OK so we weren’t actually using a water cooler at the time but we were coming in the staff entrance which is near a water fountain by the loos so it counts in my book…

In one of those idle “so have you been up to anything exciting” bits of small talk, Julie responded with “Yes actually, we have just launched the Multimedia portal to provide access to History of Art research outputs, its quite good, you should take a look”. And I did, and it is, and you should too.

The portal provides a one stop shop for multimedia resources collected through a number of recent public and / or research initiatives within the department of History of Art such as the William Etty exhibition in partnership with the York Art Gallery, recordings from a variety of research events etc. The site features a host of video, audio and zoomable image resources and will develop into an ongoing showcase of some of the world class activity within the department, supporting outreach and recruitment.

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