Reusing content between sites

Just been asked about how to share content items between VLE sites so I thought I’d pull together the main options for this:

Create and copy – if you have created an item in one site you can always simply copy it manually to any other site on which you are enrolled as an instructor. Please see the guide which details how to copy content within and between sites.

Reusable “modules” – useful for generic content that is not expected to change often and is to be used across multiple sites, for example Health and safety statements, Department statement or support for online submission etc… Modules would need to be created centrally and can not be mixed with other content forms so although this approach may be useful for distributing generic information that can be updated centrally it is not flexible enough to be appropriate for many different learning contexts.

Link to shared areas – it is always possible to link multiple sites to common shared areas so that any changes or updates to the shared space are reflected in all the modules that link to it. Common examples of shared spaces may be simple webspaces or even just links to an area of the content collection to allow files to be added to one location and available in multiple sites. Depending on how you set permissions in the content collection you can share content placed there between VLE sites or even publicly with the world.

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