Free online courses (MOOCs)

There has been quite a lot of talk in recent years about the educational potential of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Some argue that they can widen participation in education, and realising some of the potential of self-directed online learning, while others argue that they can be confusing, unstructured and with high drop out rates. In any case MOOCs are grabbing headlines and some of the biggest names in Higher Education, here and internationally are currently delivering these courses to hundreds of thousands of students.

Two MOOCs starting in the New Year have caught my eye recently so I have signed up, partly to be able to experience a MOOC from a learner’s perspective and partly to get some free learning;

E-Learning and Digital Cultures – 5 week MOOC delivered by a team who run the MSc in E-Learning distance education from University of Edinburgh. “This course will explore how digital cultures and learning cultures connect, and what this means for e-learning theory and practice.” Info and sign up:

Learning design for a 21st Century Curriculum – 9 week MOOC delivered by the Open University’s Open Learning Design Studio and funded by JISC. Info and sign up:

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