Wrapping text around an image in the VLE

By default when you insert an image into the VLE it will appear “inline” with the text – ie the image will appear on the same line as text and this may cause a lot of unused space as in the image below.


In cases where you want text to “wrap” around images in the VLE, so that the text flows around the image, you need to edit the appearance of the image once you have inserted it. To insert a image into a page and have text wrap around it, do the following: (if your image is already inserted into a VLE item, edit the item, select the image and then start at #3 below)

  1. In Edit mode in a VLE item, place your cursor on the page where you want the image to appear (this may be within a block of text).
  2. If necessary, ensure the full tool bar is displayed by clicking on the Show More button (downward pointing chevrons) at the right hand side of the tool bar.
  3. insertImageClick Insert/Edit Image > Browse My Computer and locate the image you wish to insert unless you have already inserted it.
  4. Add a brief description of the image for accesssibility
  5. Click on the Appearance tab and set the Alignment to Left or Right, depending on where you want the image to appear.rightAlignImage
  6. You may also adjust the size of the image using the Dimensions box.
  7. Click on the Insert button to insert your image
  8. Your image should now have text wrapped around it (see below)

Wrapped text round image

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