Creating banners in MS Paint – quick guide

As you may know its possible to insert banners into VLE sites to reflect the module themes or just provide a more welcoming entry point for your sites. Some depts have settled on a standard image which you can use as default and simply change the text as required to the name of your module. You can do this quite simply using Microsoft Paint if you are a PC user or free online tools such as SumoPaint if you are using other operating systems.

To add text to an image in Microsoft Paint:

  1. Go to Start – Programs – Accessories – Paint
    Text tool in MS Paint
  2. Open the bannerBlank.jpg image (your dept may have a different background or you might have something in mind form your module
  3. Select the “A” icon within the tools pane (see image)
  4. Click on the image where you want the text to appear (you can adjust font, colour and size as required)
  5. Type the text required for the banner and move the position or adjust the size of the text if required by dragging the “handles” or the edges of the text box
  6. When you are happy choose “Save As…” and save your banner as a JPEG picture  with a new name.


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