Creating a deep link to a VLE module.

An animated gif showing the right click and copy link location process

Copying a module URL (web address)

Staff who have requested advice on deep linking to VLE module sites may now be interested to know that this is possible following recent system upgrades. The ELDT have worked at a process which will allow staff to be able to achieve this with a minimal amount of fuss. This feature will increase the flexibility available to staff when developing course material particularly in relation to a blended approach.

Guide on How to create a deep link to a VLE module site

What is Deep Linking?

Wikipedia Page on ‘Deep Linking’ (this is also an example of deep linking)

On the World Wide Web, deep linking is making a hyperlink that points to a specific page or image on a website, instead of that website’s main or home page.

How might it be useful?

You could include a deep link to a module inside the VLE on an external website. Example: an institution web page on Health & Safety policy within that page a link to the institutions Health & Safety course in the VLE.

This would also be equally as valid if the link was included in a Word Document, PDF file or PowerPoint presentation.

What happens when you click on the link?

If you are already logged into the VLE then you will be taken straight to the links location, if on the other hand you aren’t logged into the VLE then you will first be taken to the VLE log in page before being forwarded to the link location (assuming you’ve entered valid login credentials).

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