Are your students accessing your VLE sites?

With all the hard work that often goes into creating and supporting VLE sites, it is important to understand how your site is being accessed by your students. The Yorkshare VLE contains a number of tools to support the evaluation of how your site is being used, perhaps the most straightforward tool is the Performance Dashboard. This gives you an at-a-glance view of when people have last logged into your site, an activity overview, links to the grade centre, and perhaps most importantly, who hasn’t logged in at all. To access this, simply go to Control Panel – Evaluation – Performance Dashboard. Click on the heading of the Days Since Last Course Access column to get a grouped list of all students who have never been to your site.

The Course Reports, also available from within the evaluation area of the Control Panel, provide instructors with a more in depth view of activity in their courses; providing detailed, downloadable breakdowns of access to content areas, discussion fora and group activity.

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