Learning on the move – free MOBILE LEARN app

Keeping pace with the changing ways in which we access information, the University of York is providing students with mobile access to their online learning resources through the newly acquired Mobile Learn app. Once installed on an Apple, Android or BlackBerry device, the app allows students to log in easily to the Yorkshare VLE and access resources, activities and communications wherever they are.

  •  Access to courses: The app allows students to access courses, resources and media on Yorkshare through their mobile devices at a time and place to suit.
  •  Notifications: Announcements made through Yorkshare are sent direct to users’ mobile devices, meaning students can be alerted to the latest updates or timely reminders anywhere, any time.
  • Blogs, journals and discussions: Students can keep in touch with class discussions on the go and contribute ideas and even media when the inspiration comes, without needing to find a desktop machine.
  • AssessmentYorkshare can deliver quizzes and tests that are compatible with mobile devices, opening up new learning opportunities, from formative practice activities to field or work-based assessment.

You can access the app immediately by following these steps:

  1. Search for BlackBoard Mobile Learn in your app store, scan the QR code below for your device or follow one the links below 
  2. Install the app and search for and select ‘University of York’ (Be careful not to select ‘York University’, in Canada!)
  3. Log in with your standard username and password.

Mobile devices running the Mobile Learn app

The E-learning Development Team will be running regular briefing and training sessions to help staff maximise the learning opportunities using the app and prepare their courses effectively. Contact vle-support@york.ac.uk for further information.


4 responses to “Learning on the move – free MOBILE LEARN app

  1. World is changing with a great pace, getting informed with the university via smart phone devices sounds to be a great idea. Blog, Journal and discussion is the best feature of app, user will get updated with university news and they will have their own study related forum where they can have discussion of their problems.

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