Edinburgh Napier Learning and Teaching Conference

The E-Learning Development were recently invited up to Edinburgh by Keith Smyth to talk about our adaptation and use of Napier’s 3E Framework in our evaluation and E-Learning development work with departments at the University of York.

We gave a presentation during the day’s event which mainly covered some of the current work we have been engaged in with York’s Health Sciences Department (Evaluating VLE Sites 14MB PPTX / Evaluating VLE Sites Poster 900k PDF).

We also contributed to some interesting workshops that have resulted in further ideas and cases being incorporated into the 3E web resource; something we intend to continue submitting cases to (3E Illustrative Examples Web-page).  These workshops looked at how the 3E Framework might be used to inform other areas such as Internationalisation and Research for example.

The Napier team intriguingly generated a Storify of the conference and video recorded during the day was also uploaded to YouTube.

Visit the 3E Framework web-resource.

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