Module design series: Assessment and feedback follow up

groups illustrationThe recent session on assessment and feedback systems as part of the series on module design threw up some interesting views and also confirmed some of the big issues that are facing staff in this area.

As well as exploring a range of tools within the VLE and approaches to creating feedback with various forms of technology, staff were asked to outline their requirements for an online assignment submission system. Many of the things raised are currently addressed with the supported toolset, some are things that we know about and would like to see introduced and some others are areas that have yet to be explored:

  • Secure and robust systems  (Currently supported)
  • Support anonymous submission (Currently supported)
  • Options for for marker preference for marking online or on paper  (Currently partially supported)
  • Tools that can identify word limits – (Not supported)
  • Multiformat assessment tools (eg mixing MCQs with free text entry) and partial automated marking – (Currently partially supported)
  • Use of IT in exams – (Not currently practised at York)
  • Tools and processes to support double marking  – (Currently partially supported)
  • Opportunity to annotate scripts for feedback provision – (Currently supported).

While the session was successful in raising awareness of what is currently available, it did reinforce the need for a more robust end to end solution that can reduce admin overheads, integrate with current departmental practices, make life easier for marking staff and provide students with an easier and better educational experience. Simple then.

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