Considerations for incorporating appropriate learning resources into your module design

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Image courtesy of Hummeri,

As our series on module design continues, we developed a list of transferable considerations for incorporating learning resources play into overall design and explored examples of how these can be deployed through the VLE.

After unpacking a number of examples of how online resources have been used to drive active student engagement and activities, we started to list some of the main things to think about when incorporating learning resources into your modules. I think this list captures some of the main considerations but let us know if you think there are any we have missed or you disagree with any of them.

  1. What is the purpose of this resource
    1. How will it help to deliver learning outcomes?
    2. Is this for information?
    3. Is this for critique?
  2. Locating primary / authentic resources (eg for language learning)
  3. Are the resources appropriate for the level being taught?
  4. How can the resources encourage independent learning?
  5. How can you drive student engagement to access and use the resources?
  6. Is there an associated activity for students to complete associated with this resource?
  7. How will the resources support face to face interactions and class based learning; can this resource create space for more personal or interactive engagement within your module’s finite contact time? (does this help make better use of face to face time?)
  8. Is this a resource that has already been created and I can reuse / adapt or will I have to create it myself?
  9. Is the resource in a format that will support learning (eg illustrative video for delivering a demo of a specific skill, audio files for language learning)
  10. Can my students access the resource (do they have the bandwidth required? Does the resource require any additional browser plug ins or software? Other accessibility issues – disability, language etc)
  11. What time will be required by staff (to create and or feedback on student interactions with the resources) and students (to engage with the resources provided)?
  12. What resources will be required to develop any required resources (time, budget, skill level)?
  13. In cases of co-taught modules; are you consulting with everyone on the resources being developed? Will other academic staff be able to use them and see the benefit?

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